Special Olympics Washington

Last week I went to a special Olympic event and I went bowling. It was AMF bowling lanes and it was in Maryland but pretty close to the house. I am glad I found it, thinking about going back. Sara emailed me this link for a bocce league. I signed up for it and it starts Wednesday the 17th, it’s indoor bocce. My colleague Nicole is going to join me and play bocce. I am thinking about joining a gym. I did take a tour of one. It looks good and when I find my own place then maybe I can look into it and get back to exercise but I’ve also seen some of the high rise apts have gym equipment. It’s a good thing.

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Fun Friday night

Yesterday I went to work, like I always do but Adrian my coworker asked me to have dinner with him. I took an Uber to his house in Maryland and we went out to dinner at Franklin’s, it was very good. We went shopping to a store that was attached to the restaurant, kind of like a Cracker Barrel back in Syracuse. Afterward we went back to his house and watched Once a Upon a Time. His Mom, Nancy made gluten free cupcakes and we had some hot tea. It was really nice of her. We talked afterwards. He showed me a great time and I had a lot of fun. I was happy to have Friday night plans with an awesome guy and friend.

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Wall of Distinction

I have awesome news to share! In the mail the other day I got a letter from my old school district. They are going to induct me into the Wall of Distinction on March 2nd with a ceremony at Cicero North Syracuse High School. This is pretty sweet. I will be coming home the day beforehand to be honored for this prestigious award. When I was reading the letter I was crying with happy tears. I was beyond excited, excuse me over the moon excited. I still can’t believe it. I am able to invite some family and friends and I am super happy. I need to send my picture and it will be on the wall at the school forever, how cool is that and they also give me my own plaque. It is the 27th year and only 130 people are up there, this is pretty special to me. (Richard Gere is one of them). WOW a thousand times WOW!!

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My job and Christmas time

I really love my job, it keeps me on my toes. I would like to write more but I am always pretty busy so not getting the chance. I got time to spend time with my parents, they flew down to see me so I had father daughter day and some mommy and daughter days. Dad and I went to church via the metro then went out to dinner at the Dubliner, which was crowded with SU fans because it was the Georgetown Syracuse game in DC. He picked me up from my Saturday job at the Capitol Candy Jar. On Sunday Dad went home and stayed with Bella our pup and switched. Mom came down and we spent Sunday together, we went to Walmart shopping and went out to dinner. Monday Mom stayed home and cooked for Sara and I. Mom is awesome! She took an Uber to meet me in front of my building where I worked, had dinner close by then Took uber’s for the McKeon tour and saw the Capitol Christmas tree, then went to the Ellipse where we saw the National Christmas tree and train and the pageant of peace with trees from every state decorated with handmade ornaments from each state. We took plenty of pictures. That was so much fun. Then Tuesday mom had to go home darn it, we had so much fun. Then I was able to fly home for Christmas although it did take awhile before I was airborne despite the delays I got home Friday night around 9:30 PM, but definitely worth it. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season with their family and friends. I love Christmas because I got to be home celebrating with mine and that is all I wanted to do. I love our traditions.

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Manager of Grassroots Advocacy that’s me!

I just started my new job with the National Down Syndrome Society and I absolutely love it. I am the Manager of Grassroots Advocacy. I go to Capitol Hill to briefings, meetings with staff members. On our new website that was redone I will have my own podcasts for Kayla’s Korner. I have done two podcast tapings so far. I have been making phone calls for our new and annual adult summit coming up as well as the Buddy Walk on Washington. I wenr into a meeting with one of my colleagues and when we came out of it we had VIP hockey tickets. That was an awesome night. Khadijah from our NY office spent time with me, teaching me how to use the Metro. I am now taking independently. I kind of like it. I have spent some nights on my own at Sara’s house and figuring it out as I go. It’s not that bad. I really love my job but I have been missing my parents, so when I can, I text and call when I get the chance FaceTime too. I feel like I am really helping the Down Syndrome community and all individuals with Down Syndrome and all individuals that are Differently Abled. I feel like I am giving back to the community and I love the feeling. Right now, I am home for Thanksgiving but I am able to work from my house so it is a win win. Just trying to get over being sick with the 24 hour bug.

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Moving and Saying Goodbye

This has been an emotional time for my parents and I. At the end of October my parents gave me a going away party, boy was that fun. They invited about 100 people to Twins Trees for pizza, salad and wings.

After that it was saying goodbye to my jobs, Paparazzi for 14 years, Modern Mallt and my internship at Congressman Katko’s, that was hard but they all wished me well.

Then October 28th my parents drove me to Washington, we dropped off my clothes at Sara’s and I went back to the hotel to spend the night with my parents. The next morning I was supposed to go to the Baltimore Buddy walk with Sara so my parents were going to leave me off by nine. The BBC had asked Sara if they could film our goodbye for a story they are going to do on me. I was not happy with that but consented because they would turn off the camera for our real goodbye. It took so long that we missed the Baltimore walk but the reporter was so nice it was ok and he left before my parents did. Boy was it hard when they left I stood behind the door and cried. They said they really had a hard time also.
Later Sara and I took a walk through the neighborhood to show me around to get my bearings, we had brunch and had dinner planned that night with the family whose son was asked to move from the Emergency row on United airlines. They were very nice. I don’t think I will be posting as much until I can get settled in.

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Bowling and getting ready to move

Last Saturday October 14th, I had a bowling competition for Special Olympics. We started bowling around 1:00 and ended around 3. I came in 3rd place. I bowled two games my first game was 86 then I bowled 96. It was fun and that night we had our Special Olympic Halloween dance. I danced and had a good time with my friends. This week my Mom and I will be going through more of my clothes and other things figuring out what to take with me to Washington. Right now I am going to be staying with Sara so I will just bring clothes until I actually move into my own apartment down the road. It’s getting real now less than two weeks away from me leaving, wow!

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Bridge Street Live

This morning I went on Bridge Street Live, I was invited there as part of Down Syndrome Awareness month and to talk about my upcoming job. Here is the catch, yesterday I had two wisdom teeth that had to be removed. It was an unexpected surgery, I went in for my consultation and because I was moving asked Dr. Fallon if he could just do it then, so he did, forgetting I was going to be on tv. At first I didn’t know if I was going to make it for the interview but Dr. Fallon said they came out pretty well and that I should be able to make it. I did make it after icing down my cheek. At the interview we talked about DS Works, End Law Syndrome, moving to Washington DC and pursuing my job of being The Manager of Grassroots Advocacy for the National Down Syndrome Society. It went very well but I did have to assure everyone, that I still bleed orange, I am a Syracuse fan,I will never be a Hoya fan!

Here’s Kayla’s interview from earlier today on Bridge St. She talks about her new job, Law Syndrome, DS Works and Down…

Posted by Patricia Galuppo McKeon on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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NDSS Washington Summit

Last Sunday October 1st, I went to Washington DC for the NDSS Leadership summit and it was awesome. On Sunday I was helping to register people for the events for the following days. As part of the staff of NDSS I went to the Buddy walk that morning in Virginia. I didn’t walk I was more helping staff the event and accompanying Sara Weir the President. I was wearing a lanyard for identification. I was told to trade it in for an official NDSS staff pin and shirt. It was awesome. That night we went through Gettysburg. The first thing we did was a meeting about leadership and how to be a good leader. Then got a bus tour and went to the Battle of Gettysburg and got to walk around, taking pictures. It was pretty cool! I was able to meet Sean and Megan from Born this way. They were awesome to hang out with, fun to talk to and be with. On Monday the staff helped the registered families to come into the panel discussion and brief meetings. Sara started out with her presentation. I also got to speak about my new job being a Manager of Grassroots Advocacy. We then had a panel discussion that talked about employment. It went awesome. After that we got to hang out for awhile. That night we had C21 which stood for Chromosome 21. It was a pop up restaurant, where all of us with Down Syndrome got to staff it. We were servers, bartenders, host, and chefs. We did really well. We servers had our tables, we took orders and we ran food to tables. It was so fun and at the end of the event we had a short program where we showed a short video of Law Syndrome and why it holds us with Down Syndrome back. Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rogers spoke and the new chair Gordon Spoor of the NDSS did as well. After that a huge group of us went across the road and got to hang out with the filming crew. They were filming us during the entire event that night. I was filmed in a close up. That was fun and I liked being a server. We had to dress like servers in an elite restaurant. After the restaurant a huge group went out for appetizers and drinks. We got back to the hotel late after taking an Uber back. The next day we all went to Capitol Hill and a congressional breakfast, then split into our meetings. Most of my meetings were with staffers. My first meeting was with Congressman John Katko, we got to talk to him for a good while. Talked about moving to DC, which I am doing within a couple of weeks. He said that he would take me out to dinner until he found out what I would be making and he said that I could be taking him to dinner. Then my friend Amy Allyn and I came back home together, we had the same flight going to Washington and coming back home. It was so much fun and we had a great time being traveling buddies. It was a great weekend and really nice that Sara kept introducing me as her new colleague, made me feel pretty special!

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Motorcycle ride

Yesterday, my friend from church Jack Sheehan came and picked me up at 3:30 for a motorcycle ride. We rode for an hour and a half out to Skaneateles and the ride back home was the same time frame. When we got to Skaneateles, we had burgers at Johnny Angels, took a walk over to the pier. The background was beautiful the sailboats, the sunset behind me. when we came back I felt like I was flying when I was spreading my arms wide. I love riding motorcycles with Jack.

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