A New School Year

A new school year started today and this semester I am going to LeMoyne College. I have to take a writing class , this is one of the classes needed for my degree. I am super excited about starting. So far this year has been really great. I have been interning at the Congressman’s office and loving it. My schedule had to change to accommodate my class. I will now attend school in the morning and intern in the afternoons. It works for me!!

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Losing Grandma and My Birthday

I mentioned before how my grandma was very ill, well she passed away in the beginning of July. I was very honored to be able to give a eulogy at her funeral representing all of the grandchildren. I was afraid I would not get through it because I would be emotional but I said I had cried so much when she wasn’t doing well before she died that I said I would try very hard to get through it for her and thankfully I did. I am very sad that she died but glad she went peacefully in her sleep. I know she is looking over me. I will always love her and will never forget her and I know she is in a better place. We also went to two other wakes this month, my boss Robert’s father died and my friend from Hope’s Club, Missy DeMuth died, that was really sad, Missy was always so happy. My Mom and I drove to Elbridge for the wake and waited in line for one hour because she had so many friends there, we finally had to leave to be somewhere else and never went in.

While I was interning at the Congressman’s office they threw me a small birthday party, they gave me fruit, donuts for everyone and gluten free baked goods for me and flowers. The Congressman was there and I was able to meet his youngest son Liam, he is also very nice. They held it in the conference room and gave me a card signed by everyone at the office. I was definitely surprised and enjoyed every little bit of it. I love Interning there everyone is just so nice and pretty cool!

The week of my birthday I had gluten free cupcakes and it was a weeklong celebration. It started out with a dinner cruise with friends and family on Skaneateles Lake. I went upstairs on the boat to look around and when I didn’t come down for a while my Mom came up looking for me, she couldn’t see me until she looked up and saw I was piloting the boat. It was pretty cool, the pilot asked me if I wanted to so Mom got a nice picture of me doing it. The next day Mom took me out to lunch at Sake Bomb, we weren’t very impressed by it at all so we will not be going there again but it was pretty cool spending a lunch date with my Mom on my Birthday. Aunt Julie stopped in to say hello so that was nice also.

In our family we always get to pick where we want to have dinner for our Birthdays, so I picked King David’s, Greek food in Fayetteville, we really like that since we went to Greece 4 years ago. We had a really nice dinner there and then went home to open presents (I didn’t get the yellow car I picked out but got some really great presents anyway, lol). My Mom made me an ice-cream cake that was really yummy! I am spoiled and I love it, I got everything I had asked for!

I went to camp Casowasco at the beginning of the month, we swam, went on boat rides, hay rides, had campfires and dance parties, ate a lot of good food and had tons of fun with all of my friends. I got to speak to the entire camp about what camp means to me, our group is probably about 20-25 campers but this was all of the campers there, probably about 150 and then more with the counselors. It was awesome. I had a great time just goofing off with my friends. They also have a giant slide into the water that we went on. I passed the swimming test you have take to go into the deeper water so I also got to kayak which is always fun.

Hello weight watchers, not going to be a good week at weigh in. It took a little bit to get used to my routine again but back to normal and the gym now!

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My video of me passing my road test


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My first drive on my own

I am so excited, the other day I got to drive on my own. Mom said if you want to drive around the block go ahead, before she got out of the car she showed me where the cars are and to be careful. She. got out and I went around the block and back home. My dad and mom were outside waiting for me to park the car. My mom was video taping and taking pictures. It was way sweet and loving it. My parents were nervous while I was driving, not me, I was way to excited and pumped.

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My Meeting with Senator DeFrancisco

On Friday the 17th later in the afternoon I had a meeting to talk to Senator DeFrancisco about the ABLE act in New York State. I thanked him for doing his part in the legislature because it was unanimously passed and needs to be signed by the Governor. I asked him for his help in getting the Governor to sign it. We need the ABLE act in our state now!! The Senator was meeting with the Governor that night and was going to bring it to his attention. He told me he would let me know when it went to the Governor for signature; he has ten days to sign it from that day.

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Cops on Top for Special Olympics

Friday the 17th I was a volunteer at Dunkin Donuts for Cops on Top, raising money for Special Olympics It started at 7 in the morning but I got there around 8 stayed until 11. We made about 700 dollars in total. It works when people give change or anything. It was really much appreciated. I love Special Olympics and was glad we raised that much. I was tired by the end of it because I do run up to all the cars but it was well worth it. From there I left to go to work at Gigi’s.

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Motorcycle Mama!

Thursday the 16th of July, my friend Gerry from church called me to set a date for her husband Jack, also my friend, to take me out on his motorcycle. It was a great ride; we went all the way to Weedsport, stopped for a bite to eat and came back the same route. It took a couple of hours, when we got back into Liverpool we stopped in front of the hotel and checked out the hot rods the Nationals were in town and there were tons of cars there. We hung out with Jack and his friends. It was awesome night and I might get another ride sometime this summer yay!

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Keynote for the Arise Conference

I was asked to speak as the keynote speaker at ARISE’s yearly conference on June 26th, it took place in Auburn, NY. It was an awesome event. My cousin Tom McKeown is the Executive Director for Arise. I was asked to speak at this event before they knew we were related, you see he has gone back to the original spelling of my family’s name so he spells it with a W. When he found out, he asked if he could introduce me. He did such a great job, he’s pretty humorous. He told about how after we are all (our family) dead and gone it will be my name that people will remember. He did ask me if I was nervous about speaking and I told him that I was not, but he was. I always feel very important and very confident when I speak. I did finally get to add in to my speech that I have my driver license. I showed my video and took questions, not a lot of questions. A person there did ask me to be on a committee but I have not heard from her as of yet. A photographer was there taking pics. He did a really good job. After I finished I spoke to some people for a bit.
My mom took me for a celebration pedicure.I love spending mother daughter time at the spa. I had tons of fun. It was a wonderful day. I had a huge blast.

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State games in Brockport, Wayne’s Tailgate Party and meeting new Family members

I spoke at a retirement party for our Pastor at our church on June 4th and gave him one of my Special Olympic gold medals. I received a standing ovation, I will really miss him, he is great and helped me out a lot. It was a very nice get together.
Last weekend me and my mom went to Brockport College to compete in Special Olympics track and field. Friday was opening ceremonies and dinner. Saturday was an early start, breakfast then we headed down to our venue. My Dad came to cheer for me on Saturday.I had 3 events to compete in. First we qualified, I ran 50 meters did the softball throw and the standing long jump. That was done in the sand and that was new to all of us. We had never done that before. Afterwards we went to the Olympic village, I bought a bracelet, St Christopher to help me with my driving and I started Father’s Day shopping. After that was our actual competition. I ran again for a medal this time. I came in third place; right after I did the long jump and I got the second place medal. I was feeling pretty good and at this point tired as well. I did the softball throw as my last event and came in first place. Yay! When just about all of us were done we headed to the dorms for naps and showers. The relay was going on but most of us wanted to go back and sleep.Then we had dinner then the closing ceremonies and victory dance. We got a couple of team pictures in there too. After the dance we were pretty elated, we went back and had snacks at the dorms, a mini party. Then it was off to bed with us, up early to breakfast. We always get almost everything packed before the party the night before so we are ready in the morning. We all went home and I know I took a nap.

An awesome thing happened; here in Syracuse one of the weathermen at one of the television stations has a Wayne’s tailgate party contest. They bring a tailgate party to you for about 25 people. I entered it by writing an essay about Gigi’s Playhouse, I wrote about what we are and what we stand for. Wayne read it and I won. So cool, we had it June 18th and were on TV. It was the first party of the summer; they had raffles, food and a great time. I had a blast it was way sweet. Wayne gave me a lot of kudos for winning it for all of us!

That same night was also Special Olympic event at Applebee’s; it was Applebee’s Law and Order night. I got to help waiters, waitresses and the police, serve, clean and everything. The Police always help us with fundraisers for the Olympics. They get a lot of money donated so that we can go on the trips across the state and get uniforms and such. It was kind if a long day but I had a great time, I was very tired but it was all very much worth it.

Saturday June 20th, I met some of my Dad’s family that I had never met. Unfortunately it was not the best circumstances. I met many of my Dad’s cousins, Pat, Michelle, Anna and more. I found out that my extended family, Pat’s mother, Aunt Carol who lived in Florida had passed away about 6 months ago. Saturday they came from Florida and had a small ceremony at Assumption cemetary with a reception that followed where I got to know my other family members. It was really nice to meet them but I am very sorry for their loss, many prayers for all of them and my Grandma who is pretty sick right now.

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*****New Driver Here*****

I think today was my all time favorite day. I have been trying and trying to get my driver license. I took the road test 4 other times and they kept telling me to come back because I was doing good and I finally did it! I did it, I have my NYS driver license, I am over the moon excited. I couldn’t stop screaming, my Dad videoed it, I think I screamed for a whole minute. My Mom put these two pictures of me on facebook and it got over 1800 views and something like 65 shares, how cool is that.

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