Christmas Wishes

I just want to wish all of my friends and family a very Merry Christmas. Hope everyone has a joyous holiday. Have a fun and safe day. Appreciate all that the Lord gave us, giving us the birth of Jesus today. Celebrate this wonderful time of the year and spend it with your loved ones. From our house to yours have a very Merry Christmas and a joyful Happy New Year.

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Sean Kirst

Christmas Eve day, my Dad and I were runnng errands. We went to the grocery store to pick up food and groceries for tomorrow in preparation for friends and family. One of the stops was at a museum downtown. Dad and I were in line waiting to get a book written by Sean autographed for my Mom. We got up there and I introduced myself to him and gave him a business card of mine.He asked what I do and I told him what I am doing in my life. Sean said that he noticed that I am a motivational speaker. He said that he wanted to know when I was going to be speaking, he wanted to hear me speak sometime. I thought that was so cool. The Sean Kirst wants to hear me speak! He is NOW my favorite author and I am so glad to have met him and can’t wait to read his book! He is very personable and great to talk to. We are now Facebook friends also. He made my day.

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Finished semester

This past semester I took a Human Adjustment class at Onondaga Community College and it was a psychology class. I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot. In this class we had two tests that I passed on with an 87 on my first test and my second test a 83. I also had a big project, we had to create a genogram of my family on both sides back to my grandparents. It was fun to do, we had to put on things like how they died or if they currently had diabetes or high blood pressure. It was very interesting. We also had a paper due. I passed both of those as well with 100’s. I just received my final grade online and I got an A. Also just got my GPA and it’s a 3.0, sweet! I am so super happy and excited.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to say to all of my friends, family Happy Thanksgiving. I want to express my many thanks for everything that I have. I am very thankful for shelter, food, friends, family, clothes. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday and enjoy your time with your family. My family means a lot to me.

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Upcoming events

In December I will be finishing up with school, I have been doing really well. I love this class. I am participating in the polar plunge again this year and will be plunging for Special Olympics on December 4th.

I will be on Bridge Street Live to talk about the Polar Plunge and helping out at Buffalo Wild Wings for a fundraiser for the plunge while my parents are the celebrity bartenders on December 2nd, that should be fun, maybe I will be able to help behind the bar also, now that would be cool!

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40 under 40 Leaders that Rock and I’m one of them…so honored

I was nominated by Gigi’s Playhouse for the 40 under 40 Leaders that Rock in Central New York. I was chosen as one of the 40 out of over 100 nominations. They had a luncheon ceremony where I received my award on November 16th. I went to the Oncenter early and I got to talk and mingle with everyone and was passing out my business cards. I used the photo booth and got put in toward the raffles. My mom and dad bought a table and I had family, Aunt Melanie and Aunt Mickie and friends, Emily, Susan, Jack and Gerry and Ernie sitting with us. I thought my cousin Tom wasn’t going to make it, my parents knew but didn’t tell me so it was a surprise when he came. I was so glad he did. Matt, Christina and Lisa from Gigi’s were at the table next to us. They had an emcee and they wanted all the winners to come on stage and sit alpbetically, as they called us up to receive our award. I recevied mine and got tons of pictures taken. I was in a huge group photo with the honorees. It was so nice, I received flowers and gifts. Oh and they did the raffles at the end and I won the biggest raffle, 2 tickets to a Buffalo Bills game in December. I really loved it. I had a great time and had a huge blast.

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Congressional campaign

Congressman Katko was up for re-election this year and was running for the office against Colleen Deacon for the seat of the 24th district. I have been working on his campaign this year. I marched in parades with him and started volunteering at the campaign office. I made phone calls to try and get him reelected. My parents also volunteered making calls. On Election night, my parents and I went to the Sheraton University hotel to watch the polls. It was way cool being there and watching him win. We were waiting for him to take the podium to make his speech, it seemed like it was taking a long time and finally we heard he was stuck in the elevator. They had to call the fire department to come and get them out. He gave a great speech and it was quite the party. This was the first time I went to one of these and it was pretty interesting especially during a presidential election. I plan to be there every time the Congressman gets elected!!

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Speaking engagement on Down Syndrome awareness month


img_1273On October 5th I was scheduled to do a speech at Doctor Fenlon ‘s class. I spoke to future teachers and told them about my abilities and what i have accomplished in my life and showed them a video.

It is important to let future teacher’s know not to underestimate our abilities, work with us hand’s on and we will get it, it just might take us longer. If my talks to future teacher’s helps one student I am happy, if it helps more than that and that would be awesome.

At the end I took questions and so did my parents.

I got a really nice gift card from the professor and took a nice big group picture. I’ve gotten so many nice emails from the student’s in the class, I love it.

I love speaking because I can get the word out there and educate others and this is a perfect month to do it because October is Down Syndrome Awareness month!

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October is Down Syndrome awareness month

img_1266The month of October is Down Syndrome Awareness month.  We like to celebrate the awareness of Down syndrome and to let everyone know our abilities and to let them know that we are pretty much capable of doing anything we set our minds to.

I would like everyone to call us Differently Abled as opposed to retarded (hate that word) or handicapped (almost as bad) or Intellectual Developmental Disability (sounds like Science to me) because I think every one of us is Differently Abled in some way, say you can’t cook and my mother  can, or you can’t drive a car and I can, or you can go to college and oh yeah I can too but maybe someone else can’t but they can do something else that you or I wouldn’t be able to.

We have the same wants and dreams as everyone else. We can do anything anyone else can do. We are MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT  I can drive, go to college, hold down a job and intern at the Congressman ‘s office. I have a boyfriend. My friends that are Differently Abled do many other things equally as well, my friend Johnny is self taught and plays the Bagpipes, my friend Byron can sing like nobody’s business, my friend Carrie is a Zumba instructor, the point is, don’t squash our dreams. We all have the same abilities as everyone else, we may take longer to do them, but that is more than okay. We just try our best and our hardest. That’s what we want everyone to know

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Down Syndrome buddy walk

img_1260On September 28th our Down Syndrome Association of CNY had our annual Buddy walk. It was a two mile walk to show our support for Down syndrome awareness.

Back in April when I was at the National Down Syndrome Buddy Walk on Washington, one of our asks was to try and get our Congressman to come to our local walk. I asked Congressman Katko and he came. It was pretty cool though because I got to introduce him. I was going to give him some space to go and meet everyone but he made me walk along with him. I introduced him to people I knew and he also introduced himself to many others.

Our walk was catered lunch by of Pensabene’s Casa Grande,  we had games for all of the kids, and raffles. The band that played was called Wicked Awesome. Many of my friends and family come to support me and my friends with Down Syndrome, which means a lot to all of us. We want everyone to know that Down Syndrome is not a sad diagnosis!!

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