Spring Break in Florida

I had a great time on my vacation. My parents and I went to one part of Florida for a day or two and hung out by the pool and got a tan. On Saturday we traveled to Satellite beach. Got to the condo, on the way we went to the Mets game where I was able to get a hat as my own souvenir. My aunt Nancy stayed a few nights. We did go by the pool and read books and got a tan, of course I got a sunburn. Ouch! We didn’t even do the beach by the condo the water was rough but we did when we stayed at the hotel. My parents, Aunt Nancy and I did go the pool and just hung out. We did get to play board games. We had breakfast and lunch at the condo but did go out to dinner each night. We got pedicures one night. We also made it to play mini golf the day before we left. We all watched Syracuse play basketball at Duffy’s. This is really cool I was talking to the hostess and it ended up that she used to live in Cicero and she was a counselor at this program called New Visions at OCC that I used to go to and she knew a lot of the same people I know. It was pretty awesome talking to her, we got a nice a pic together. I felt really relaxed on this trip and definitely worth it.

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