My parents and I were asked as guests to the NDSS gala Thursday night March 30th. We just drove up early in the morning and got in without any problems 4 hours later. My mom and dad were going online and found out where Law and Order SVU were shooting and filming so as a surprise to me they went and found where it was. My mom asked the guy guarding the door of a restaurant that had the windows covered up if any of actors were there. He said Ice T and Peter Scaravino were in there, he said it depended on how well they did there lines as far as how long before they came out. They came out a few minutes later. I got to get my pictures taken with them. They are super nice and were definitely willing to take pics with me. OMG that was so awesome ! I loved every minute of it. WOW!

That night was the gala so we found our hotel room and checked in, we got to hang out and do whatever for a while and then it was time to get ready. Monique who has been doing my hair and makeup for the last 5 years, came up with her photgrapher, she did an updo and makeup to match my dress and made me so fancy. We got to the gala at Gotham Hall they had a red carpet because the theme was Hollywood. I didn’t realize it but my dress matched the theme. Get this one I got to sit with two princesses from Saudi Arabia that were being honored and the president of NDSS Sara Weir. I went up on stage with Sara because I had to speak with her to a huge crowd. I spoke about the text to donate. I also got back on stage later that night with Amy Allyn to help to introduce the band The Mere Mortals, that rocked the After dance party. I danced the night away. I danced with my mom and my dad. I had a huge blast and definitely fun. I even got tons of comments on my dress and how pretty it was and that I did a good job speaking. I had a ball.

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