Sushi Tushi

I found out last week from my friend Debi Emmert about this movie that is shooting here in East Syracuse called Sushi Tushi about how Asia broke into Football. They were asking for unpaid extras so I decided to go over and give it a try and have been there ever since it started shooting the football scenes. I am a fan in the stands. I met the main guy in the movie. I have been getting to know them, talking and having fun, hanging out with them. Wyatt has been calling me a super fan and telling me to come back every day as they shoot. I love every bit of it. I am excited each time when I go. We give each other hugs and they keep asking me to come back. I have been there since they have started calling me super fan. I can’t wait for the movie to show and possibly see me in the movie. I plan on going back until they finish that scene with the football fans. I absolutely love it.

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