Washington DC

I was asked by my Congressman John Katko to fly into Washington to be at a round table and speak about the Differently Abled and the work force. Mom and I caught a flight early that day. When we landed we ended up having breakfast right at the airport. Then we both caught a cab over to his building at Longworth, we had some ice tea and hung out for an hour or so before heading upstairs to his new office. He does have a nice big sized space. We were briefed on what was going to happen. They had a van for us to take us to the Capital Candy Jar where the meetings were being held.This is where Mom and I met up with Congressman John Katko. We rode over and the Congressman and I went over what he wanted me to say which was all of the stuff I usually talk about, inclusion in the workplace and everywhere. When we arrived at the Candy Jar, we were greeted by Sara Weir and other members of the NDSS staff. We were led by the owner and co-worker who gave us a tour, The whole event was being live streamed by the Washington Post. We met other co-workers as well as Gina who is a person that happens to have Down Syndrome that works there. When we were finishing up the tour I got to talk in the microphone for the live stream. When we finished the tour, we went up for the round table discussion. Unfortunately shortly before we finished the Congressmen and women had to leave to return to the Capitol for a vote. Mom and I were leaving too from there to go back to the airport. Before we left Sara Weir offered me a huge opportunity of a job offer. I have a big decision to make. She said that she was very serious. My stomach dropped and I am sure my mom’s did too. We ended up flying to Rochester and getting a rental car and drove home. It was a great day!

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