Albany Special Olympics Congress Meetings and State Games

I was asked to go away for Summer state games in Albany over the weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. Not only am I competing I am a Special Olympics Congress member and I have to be there earlier than my delegation. I am here two days previous to competition. I got here Wednesday night Thursday until Friday then I will meet up with my delegation. As a congress member I have some workshops to partake in and other trainings. I have to be up around 7 and meet everyone downstairs by 8:00 and we will walk over to breakfast and start our day. I have independence where I get to have my own key, my card to swipe for food and elevator access. I have my own room without a roommate. I like it but it is also kind of quiet, of course no tv to watch or make noise. Feels kind of good,but weird. On Friday I turn over my key and become an athlete in the games. On Friday I will speak in front of my fellow congress members and a videographer is coming where I get to talk about our president of Special Olympics because he is retiring, I have been asked to say a few words about him. I am looking forward to trying my best and bringing home some medals.

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