Long week, Washington and then Albany

I am a Special Olympic congress member and we had summer games in Sienna college in Albany. I had to pack and be ready to leave Wednesday night. My parents drove me there. As a Congress member I had four workshops to attend to. Two on Thursday and two on Friday before lunch and after lunch. We have been filming the 60 second commercial that my friend Joe is working on. After the workshops we were able to go back and relax for a little bit, then we played pool and games at the dorms we were staying at. I had freedom and independence I did have my own room and I really liked it because I was able to play music in my room and kind of do whatever. On Friday was pretty much the same. We also got to meet these other people (YAC) youth activation committee. We met them during our morning workshop on Friday morning. During lunch we were able to get to know them better and we went to the gym and played more games there. It was interesting to meet them. Every time I passed them we would always talk. At the end of my Congress meeting on Friday I was asked to say a few words on behalf of Neil Johnson our president and CEO of Special Olympics. He is retiring and so I was videotaped saying what Neil means to me. I had to join up with my delegation, moving to a different hall within the college. I found everyone and I was roomed with a friend of mine Jessica, she is awesome. Saturday was a pretty early day for all of us as we got up early to get ready for competition track and field. My coach was Mary Maestri, actually we have a bunch of coaches but each one is assigned a couple of athletes and I was hers. It was kind of different this year my parents came as my parents and not coaches. Friday night was opening ceremonies like always speeches and entertainment. Saturday was preliminaries in the morning I had softball throw and the 50 meter dash. I came in second in qualifying, but when it was time for medals I came in first bringing home the gold medal and a ribbon in 4th place for my softball throw. I was proud and pretty darn sweaty. After we got back, we had dinner first, then we took showers. We went to closing ceremonies and the dance of course. When we did go back, we had a hall party. We had to get up kind of early that morning for breakfast, and pack up all of our stuff. I met up with my parents and drove home, made a coffee pit stop. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed that night. Home sweet home!

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