Exciting news

When I was in Washington DC I had offered a huge opportunity for a job as a lobbyist for the National Down Syndrome Society. I would be working at the NDSS office and inside the Capitol. When I had talked to Sara, the PResident of NDSS about the position and moving there it was very exciting but then I realized I needed to personally grow up first. I had never lived alone before. That is kind of scary. When I talked to her to decline the positions, she didn’t want to take no for an answer, so she came up with a solution for me to come down to Washington for a week and test the waters trying the job. I liked that idea so I believe that I am going to Washington the week of July 10th. I am waiting for further details to finalize my travel itinerary as well as the itinerary for the week I am going to be there. From what Sara told me there is something special going on Wednesday, that she wants me there for. I can’t wait to find out more information!

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