I have been having a busy summer lately, I have been in my pool a couple of times when the weather cooperates. I went to New York City with the National Down Syndrome society and talked about my new job offer on Fox News Live also talked about Medicaid.
I am still dating my boyfriend Mike.

I recently just got back from summer camp at Casowasco. I did some swimming, kayaking, campfires, worships and singing. I went on a hayride. Lots of fun I even got to celebrate my 30th birthday there, which was pretty awesome, tons of fun. I celebrated before and after camp, definitely a week long and still continuing.

I am still an avid reader, I can still read a book a week. LOL I think my mom can honestly out read me now, she has been reading a lot. She recently retired from work and we did celebrate her success. She was pleased. My summer was and currently is awesome and I am really enjoying it.

We are waiting for some information from NDSS about a visit there to check out some living arrangements for me, definitely something safe and close to a church and stores, lots to think about but I can’t wait!

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