Washington to New York City

More exciting news happening here. My parents and I traveled to Washington DC about my upcoming job. I am excited about starting. I will be a lobbyist on Capitol HIll knocking on doors and such. Here is the catch though, it means moving to Washington and leaving behind everything back at home in Syracuse. It would be hard but I am willing to do whatever it takes. It is a journey worth embracing. So we came down to meet Dr. Summar and her daughter Rachel, who I really like. I could be moving into their home, doing my job within the DC office, I may be traveling . Here is the super cool part. Colleen Hatcher asked me to do a photo shoot on Tuesday so I am traveling in style with her and Sara Weir the president of the NDSS going to New York City from D.C. I am going to New York City on a train. My first time riding in one and I am loving every minute of it. Like Colleen said any kind of traveling like this with Sara is going in style and I so agree. I am a self advocate, I get to be a model getting my picture taken. I then travel home on my own that night, the last flight of the night. I then go back to NYC for the Buddy walk but I will let you all know about that and everything else NDSS as soon as my support systems are in place.

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