NYC Photo shoot and Washington DC

I was in Washington on Sept 6th for an extra day because I originally had a flight the night before from NYC but it was delayed so long that a decision was made that I take the train back to DC with staff and fly out of DC in the morning. The flights were full so I ended up leaving in the evening. That flight was 3 hours late so I got home around 11pm. I was able to stay at President Sara Weir’s house again and I was in the NDSS office working today. I had a lot of fun. Yesterday I was able to participate in a photo shoot. It was really awesome and enjoyed myself I got to wear my yellow dresss and even better I got to wear Sara’s fringed high heels that looked so cool. I met tons of other self-advocates and had dinner with them the night before. I really did enjoy myself. I was glad that I was able to go and have fun. At the photo shoot they were doing still pictures and a video. I did the video piece how awesome was this. They had asked me to sign the lines and speak them too. It was cool that they utilized my skills.

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