NYC weekend

Last Thursday the 14th I flew to New York City for the Buddy Walk on Saturday, Self Advocacy Advisory Board meeting and dinner on Friday and a Yankees game on Sunday. Let me back up a bit. I took my flight out of Syracuse which was delayed an hour and half so I got in around midnight at the Marriott Marquis. It was time to hit the hay early. On Friday morning we were scheduled for yoga but before that we went outside of Good Morning America. I got to meet Robin Roberts,took a picture with her and gave her my business card, pretty sweet! Then we did yoga with this guy Vytas and his brother. We proceeded to a staff meeting following that, then I aided in registering for the walk. I went to my SAAB meeting with my fellow self-advocates, it started at 1 ended around 4. That night we had a dinner for the self-advocate board. Later that night after dinner I was selected to go to a Lularoe event to mingle with everyone there. It was awesome meeting everyone that night. When we got back to the hotel it was time for bed. On Saturday, some of us went to Central Park to set up for the Buddy Walk and the others were in Times Square where we were able to view the slide show. It was cool to see my picture up there. I loved that. We went to Central Park following the video. I was in the front for the walk holding the banner with some of my other friends. Did the entire walk holding it. We had opening ceremonies led by Chris Wragge who I know personally from previous events with NDSS. I was also part of the program. I presented the Dan Piper award to our self-advocate. I was honored to be chosen to speak in front of the crowd to present such a great award. We hung out and talked to everyone and at 3:00 we broke it down and headed back to the hotel for relaxation, at that point we needed it. I was told to come to a staff’s room to get a dress for that night. We had a Lularoe dinner meeting with the owners. I got to say the blessing and toast. I schmoozed and talked to everyone there. I wore the Lularoe dress that they gave me, it was so cool, I got a lot of compliments on it. They also gave me leggings that I got to keep, so awesome. Dinner was fun talking to all the people, as well as having a 3 course meal. When we headed back to the hotel it was a late night but the staff of NDSS and I got to talk about earlier and everything over a glass wine. It was about 1:30 when everyone decided to call it a night, considering Sunday we were going to a Yankee game. On Sunday was more of a relaxing day at the hotel, the game was 1 and we left in a Uber around noon it was a 50 minute ride there and back to the hotel. The game was so much fun, The seats were cool at the lower level, but when it got hot and it really did we moved up to a shady level a little higher up but it was still cool. Even though they lost it was fun. Got to the airport no problem, flight got delayed again but was able to leave around midnight, got home around 1:30 Monday morning. The weekend was so much fun.

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