Bridge Street Live

This morning I went on Bridge Street Live, I was invited there as part of Down Syndrome Awareness month and to talk about my upcoming job. Here is the catch, yesterday I had two wisdom teeth that had to be removed. It was an unexpected surgery, I went in for my consultation and because I was moving asked Dr. Fallon if he could just do it then, so he did, forgetting I was going to be on tv. At first I didn’t know if I was going to make it for the interview but Dr. Fallon said they came out pretty well and that I should be able to make it. I did make it after icing down my cheek. At the interview we talked about DS Works, End Law Syndrome, moving to Washington DC and pursuing my job of being The Manager of Grassroots Advocacy for the National Down Syndrome Society. It went very well but I did have to assure everyone, that I still bleed orange, I am a Syracuse fan,I will never be a Hoya fan!

Here’s Kayla’s interview from earlier today on Bridge St. She talks about her new job, Law Syndrome, DS Works and Down…

Posted by Patricia Galuppo McKeon on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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