Moving and Saying Goodbye

This has been an emotional time for my parents and I. At the end of October my parents gave me a going away party, boy was that fun. They invited about 100 people to Twins Trees for pizza, salad and wings.

After that it was saying goodbye to my jobs, Paparazzi for 14 years, Modern Mallt and my internship at Congressman Katko’s, that was hard but they all wished me well.

Then October 28th my parents drove me to Washington, we dropped off my clothes at Sara’s and I went back to the hotel to spend the night with my parents. The next morning I was supposed to go to the Baltimore Buddy walk with Sara so my parents were going to leave me off by nine. The BBC had asked Sara if they could film our goodbye for a story they are going to do on me. I was not happy with that but consented because they would turn off the camera for our real goodbye. It took so long that we missed the Baltimore walk but the reporter was so nice it was ok and he left before my parents did. Boy was it hard when they left I stood behind the door and cried. They said they really had a hard time also.
Later Sara and I took a walk through the neighborhood to show me around to get my bearings, we had brunch and had dinner planned that night with the family whose son was asked to move from the Emergency row on United airlines. They were very nice. I don’t think I will be posting as much until I can get settled in.

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