Wall of Distinction

I have awesome news to share! In the mail the other day I got a letter from my old school district. They are going to induct me into the Wall of Distinction on March 2nd with a ceremony at Cicero North Syracuse High School. This is pretty sweet. I will be coming home the day beforehand to be honored for this prestigious award. When I was reading the letter I was crying with happy tears. I was beyond excited, excuse me over the moon excited. I still can’t believe it. I am able to invite some family and friends and I am super happy. I need to send my picture and it will be on the wall at the school forever, how cool is that and they also give me my own plaque. It is the 27th year and only 130 people are up there, this is pretty special to me. (Richard Gere is one of them). WOW a thousand times WOW!!

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