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Arise testimonial
People were raving about your presentation! You were AMAZING!
Thank you so much for joining us and making the day so special.

Sara Douglass
Conference Coordinator
Arise Conference
“Our Differences – Our Strengths”

“To hear Kayla speak was so inspiring as a mother with a daughter who has Down Syndrome. What an amazing young woman! Best speech I have ever been present for!”

Lauren Berrian Charniga
2015 Gigi’s Playhouse Hillsborough Gala

To say that Kayla was a huge success would be quite an understatement! She was beyond perfect. She is a joy to talk to and to listen to. She truly was the star of the evening and we could not have asked for better.

 Meredith Vieira, our honorees, our co-chairs and everyone in the room thought she was really something special…and she is.

Her speech was heartwarming, funny and passionate…..just perfect!”

Judy A. Dorn

Regional Director

Special Olympics New York

New York City Region

“Wow, when it was first suggested that you deliver the keynote address for the entire North Syracuse Central School District Staff, I had no idea what an impact you would have on their thinking about their teaching and their influence on the future of their students. Your presentation was not only outstanding, but set the tone for the entire day.

I have heard from well over 250 teachers and assistants telling me how inspirational and motivating your speech was.  For each of the individuals in the audience, you gave them insight into the impact that they have on the lives of their students and the inspiration to achieve the best that they can be”.

Stanley C. Finkle

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

North Syracuse Central School District

“Kayla was outstanding and started our year off right”

Jody Manning


Solvay Union Free School District

“She is such a fantastic spokesperson”

Michele Nangle

Executive Vice President & COO

Special Olympics New York

“Today I had the pleasure of being invited to watch and listen to a presentation. This particular presentation was done at the OSWEGO MIDDLE SCHOOL.

To my surprise the beautiful young woman; Kayla McKeon, was addressing the audience of 125:  7th graders. She was most amazing to me. She was able to address the bullying issue as well as the “R” word. She discussed what the appropriate phrase “Differently abled” means.

What a wonderful public speaker!! She even handled difficult questions very easily and like a pro!!”

Lisa Seguin S-MSC


“Your presentation yesterday was so inspiring and fun! I had many positive comments from the students. I can’t wait to have you back to my classes. You are an amazing role model and I know you will continue to inspire many students, teachers and peers for years to come. Thank you again for your wonderful efforts!”
Dr. Amanda Fenlon

Oswego College

“Kayla – thank you for coming to the Gala and making the event so special for NDSS and everyone in the crowd.  You have a great list of accomplishments – and I’m sure you’ll be doing great things for a long time to come.  I enjoyed meeting your parents as well – they are very lucky to have such an accomplished daughter!  I hope to see you at future galas and other NDSS events – keep up the good work!”

Terrence P. Clancy

Managing Director and CFO – Global Products

“A virtual round of applause has been earned by Kayla McKeon for her inspirational remarks”.

Pamela Sandonato

Vice President of Development

National Down Syndrome Society

“Your compelling and courageous story has touched students here profoundly.  The dedication, drive and perseverance you exhibit are without bounds.  One simply can’t measure the inner strength you have and were generous enough to share with our students.

You are a gift and an inspiration to us all.”

Steven A. Wolf


Roxboro Road Middle School

I’ve heard lots of speeches in my life, and your talk, Kayla, was right up there with the best of them.  You can really work a room!  More importantly, though, you have a message that deserves to be heard.  You are doing important work and making a difference in the world – I’m going to try to learn from your example.  Thank you for coming to talk to us.

Jennifer McDowall, Colgate College

IInspiring Guest Speaker Visits LE

Kayla McKeon visits LE

Kayla McKeon, an inspirational guest speaker, came to Liverpool Elementary to talk to the entire student body.  She shared her experiences in school and accomplishments in life.  Last year, Kayla attended the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece as part of Team USA.  She wore her team uniform and medals when talking with the students at LE.  She spread a message of accepting differences in other children, as well as maintaining a bully-free school.  This was a special event for the students and staff of Liverpool Elementary School.

Liverpool School District Website


What a great job Kayla did!  I want to mail Kayla a letter I received from a student this morning.  She definitely made a difference with our students at Gillette

Elaine Ormsbee
Gillette Middle School

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